Our Commitment to the Armed Forces Community


At SC Safety Training Ltd, our unwavering commitment to the Armed Forces community is a cornerstone of our corporate identity, profoundly influenced by our CEO, Stephen Carulli's, dedicated service in the infantry for ten years. We actively support the diverse needs of military personnel, their families, and the broader community.


Reservists Support: We are dedicated to the dual roles reservists undertake. Our bespoke training programs and flexible employment strategies ensure that they can excel in both their military duties and civilian careers. We offer additional paid leave for military engagements and adaptable schedules, promoting a harmonious balance between their service and work life.


Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) Support: Acknowledging the valuable experiences and leadership honed by CFAVs, we provide targeted professional development opportunities alongside flexible working conditions, allowing CFAVs to continue their vital work with cadets while advancing their careers with us.


Support for Military Spouses and Dependents: Recognizing the challenges faced by military families, we offer flexible employment and additional leave options, aiming to provide stability and support for military spouses and dependents, enabling them to thrive despite the uncertainties of military life.


Extended Community Engagement: Our community support extends to collaborations with key initiatives like Military Minds and Battleground Bootroom, which address the mental and physical challenges faced by service members and veterans. These initiatives complement our efforts to support the Armed Forces community in comprehensive and meaningful ways.


Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Support: We also take pride in our collaboration with Body and Mind First Aid Training, another Armed Forces Covenant ERS company. This partnership allows us to extend our reach and effectiveness in delivering first aid and mental health training, amplifying our combined impact on the well-being of the Armed Forces community. Together, we are committed to providing high-quality support and resources tailored to the unique needs of military personnel and their families.


Through these concerted efforts and partnerships, SC Safety Training Ltd demonstrates its solid commitment and gratitude towards the Armed Forces community. Our actions reflect our deep respect for their service and our dedication to offering tangible support, recognition, and opportunities.